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Offshore Survey Highlights Biodiversity
Offshore Survey Highlights Biodiversity

HWDTs recent monitoring expedition made passage to Stanton Banks (a remote rocky reef), highlighting the biodiveristy present

Second Standard Survey 2017 Completed
Second Standard Survey 2017 Completed

Update on our most recent monitoring expedition, which included a passage to Stanton Banks and recorded the first basking shark!

Monitoring Expedition FULL
Monitoring Expedition FULL

Only three berths available to join us aboard during in the 2017 field season!!

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The Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust (HWDT) is dedicated to enhancing knowledge and understanding of Scotland’s whales, dolphins and porpoises (cetaceans) and the Hebridean marine environment through education, research and working within Hebridean communities as a basis for the lasting conservation of local species and habitats.

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24-5-2017 14:02 Risso's Dolphin 3 Butt of Lewis
24-5-2017 12:27 Bottlenose Dolphin 12 Butt of Lewis
24-5-2017 17:15 Harbour Porpoise 3 Loch Sunart
24-5-2017 15:51 Harbour Porpoise 2 Loch Sunart
21-5-2017 08:00 Bottlenose Dolphin 4 Ord, Loch Eishort
11-5-2017 14:45 Bottlenose Dolphin 5 Iona
24-5-2017 09:45 Harbour Porpoise 3 Off Calve Island
23-5-2017 11:26 Common Dolphin 3 Minch, midway betw...
22-5-2017 15:14 Harbour Porpoise 2 Sound of Sleat, mi...
7-4-2017 12:15 Harbour Porpoise 2 Loch Torridon Oute...
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