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The Ecology of Bottlenose Dolphins


This teaching resource has been developed by Andrew Simpson, who kindly volunteered his time and considerable expertise to HWDT in Spring 2008.

The aim of this unit is to introduce students to the ecology of the bottlenose dolphin and to apply scientific concepts (such as food webs and ecosystems) to an up-to-date and engaging case study.

Teacher Notes (163KB)

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Marine Munchies: Food Chains and Webs in the Marine Environment (635KB)

Classroom worksheets to introduce students to marine food chains and webs.

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Case Study: The Bottlenose Dolphin in Western Scotland (270KB)

Classroom worksheets introducing the bottlenose dolphin as a case study for investigating conservation and management strategies.

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Map of the West Coast of Scotland (64KB)

Map of the west coast of Scotland for use in the Bottlenose Dolphin Case Study activity.

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Bottlenose Dolphin Fact Sheet (80KB)

Background information on the bottlenose dolphin. Further information can be found in the Species section of our website.

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